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Cocokitty for Men

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Psst.. Men use Cocokitty. 

Really?  How?  Why?  Where?  Do tell.

To be honest, this happened somewhat organically.  When Cocokitty launched, we weren't all up in the men's department targeting the fellas. But turns out, men like their skin to feel silky smooth too.  And to my surprise, they're also on the hunt for all-natural skincare products.  This was fascinating to me.  Men care about their skincare products?  So I stalked them down to find out.

How did this happen?  Why Cocokitty?  Where and what for?  

I need all the deets.

What I learned ::

#1  Looks can be deceiving.  I have to admit, I was pretty nervous to ask a 6'5" professional athlete to spill the tea on his skincare routine.  I totally expected to be shunned for bringing up beauty products to him in public.  But he was wayyy more cool and open to talk about it than I ever would've imagined, stoked even!  I was intrigued to say the least.

#2  Some were inspired by their girlfriend's desire to seek out more natural skincare and while keeping their eyes wide open for their ladies 👏🏼👏🏼  they too found products they liked.  

#3  On a similar note, I was impressed to hear couples face mask together.  I knowww it's popular on the gram right now but I never expected to meet real men in person who actually do it.  Like I said, looks are deceiving. 

#4  Men need products to keep their tattoos intensely lubricated.  Many lotions are chemical-laden concoctions that actually do more harm than good for your skin. Your skin is your body's barrier and largest organ.  It drinks up whatever you put on it.  By feeding it skin-loving, nourishing, real and plant-based ingredients that mimic the skin's lipids, it functions better, can heal it's own ailments and look and feel it's best.  Read the labels people!  

#5  Men like products that multitask.  It helps keep their everyday routine simple.  Find a product that can be used from head to toe to moisturize, massage, soften facial hair and be used as a dry scalp and hair treatment plus make 'em smell good naturally.  

Keep it simple and let the products do the multitasking!  Purrrr 

Without further ado, here are a few Cocokitty fan boys and their fav products ::

Meet Tommy.  


Cocokitty Skincare for Men Coconut Cinnamon Edible Massage Oil and Lotion 


A rockstar stylist with silky smooth skin.  I just haaad to stalk him down when I heard about his addiction to Cocokitty's Cinnameow Edible Massage Lotion.

Turns out, Tommy uses it daily to moisturize from head to toe because he loves the cinnamon scent and it makes his skin glow.  On a friskier side, he keeps a jar bedside and uses Cocokitty to set the mood for massages with his boo.  He swears the cinnamon scent is an aphrodisiac one can't resist.  He also keeps a jar of Cinnameow by his kitchen sink to moisturize his hands after washing dishes aaand one in the bathroom as an after shower lotion and oil pull.  Told you he was addicted!  

Cocokitty Beauty Cinnamon Coconut Oil Pull Edible Massage Oil

Meet Richie

Cocokitty Skincare for Men

I spotted Richie lathering up his beard at the bar with Cocokitty Cacao Purr Balm.  It was a total boss move on his part.  Ladies flocked to compliment his smooth skin and invigorating scent.  You can't make this up people.  Video proof.

I recruited him to model for the Cocokitty website and demonstrate how he uses the Cacao Purr Balm.  Take a peek.

Cocokitty Cacao Purr Balm


Meet Mikey.  

Cocokitty Skincare for Men Coconut Mint Edible Massage Oil and Oi Pull  

Or as we call him, Sass.  His fav products vary depending on his hair color.  Today it's Cocokitty's Meowmint Edible Lotion.  He uses it to keep his smile bright and oral hygiene 💯.  Not to be crass, but we're all adults here, right?  ( If not, earmuffs kiddos )  To speak bluntly, it's refreshing for all sorts of oral activity.  I mean.. it's edible guys.  And tastes great.

Cocokitty Beauty Mint Coconut Oil Pull and Edible Massage Lotion

Apply liberally.


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