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Oil Cleansing :: Boss Skincare Routine

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My journey..

I never would've admitted this years ago.  In fact, I hid from it and denied it.  I would go months without seeing my friends, going out to dinner or letting myself be photographed in an era of selfies.  I tried everything under the sun to cure, treat or erase what was happening on my face.  It was so insanely embarrassing.  I spent hours upon days, face mask after face mask, tea bag on top of tea bag, milk, honey, egg whites, toothpaste, hot compresses, ice packs, patience, popping, screaming, crying.  Literally everything at some point over the years.  But the one thing I never heard could not only fix but PREVENT this from continuing to happen to me, was using oil on my face.

Can you guess what was going on??  GASP!!  Adult acne.

And when I say acne, I don't mean a little white head you can pop, cover and move on with your day.  I'm talking another f*king head growing out of my skull.  Like a third eye, but more like a baseball.  And after three months of it torturing my life, living, growing and thriving.. just when I thought "it looks like it's about to maybe go away"...  it grew another head on top of it's head!  Six months later, I could barely cover the wound, bump or remnants up enough to show my face.  And I'm not exaggerating with this timeline.  It was a rotating door of cystic acne hell.

And these my friends, are not the popping type.  Oh no.  They do not pop.

I tried supplements, clean eating habits, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, retinoid creams, peels, clay masks, sulfur zit cream, facials, Proactiv, even had my hormones tested.  Nada.  Zilch.  Nothing helped.

When I was tired of living like this and watching people's eyes stray and stare, helplessly trying to avoid the gigantic growth protruding from my head, I gave up my holistic voyage and resolved to anything that would save me from my face and give me my life back.  

So I went to the dermatologist.  I was prescribed expensive face washes and creams that cost upwards of $100 each even with insurance.  After only a month or two of using, the price increased to $800 as my portion to pay with insurance!  I was shook.  I hadn't seen results yet and couldn't afford it anyway so the decision was easy.  

In addition, I was getting steroid shots at first sign of a bump which was happening pretty regularly, once a month.  When the doctor visits got to be too much because I couldn't get an appointment in time, let alone have the time to go each month, I kept an antibiotic prescription filled and on hand at all times.  Out of convenience, I started resorting to this option, refilling and taking once a month when signs of a dreaded bump appeared.  I couldn't believe it.  Everything I was against and strived to avoid along my skin journey, steroid shots and taking antibiotics regularly, became the norm and better than the alternative.

That is until I tried oil cleansing.  And I tried it to simplify my beauty routine of all things.  But before I tried it, I read everywhere that this would lead to clogged pores, breakouts and acne!  Which was why I never tested it out before.  But at the same time, I was reading a few outside the box, opposing views saying how great oils are for your skin and how they resemble our own skin's lipids and feed and nourish our cells.

So I gave it a try.  I was going on a two week vacation and only wanted to bring ONE beauty product if possible.  This product had to:  remove eye makeup, moisturize, CLEANSE, hydrate my spit ends, lubricate my entire body whether I'm laying in the sun or moisturizing after a shower AND it had to be a great massage oil.  I'm on vacation with my honey after all.

So with this, Cocokitty was conceived.  

But long story short.  I came back after only using oil to clean and moisturize my face, I hadn't had one breakout and didn't need to bust out my new best friend Minocycline once.  Upon returning home and not giving it much thought, I continued with my new face oil routine.  Fast forward a month or two, I was getting compliments on my skin.  Me?  Skin?  What??  This hadn't happened since pre-puberty!  I didn't believe it.  And it wasn't until someone said my skin was dewey (music to all girl's ears) that it dawned on me.  I hadn't refilled my script or needed a trip to the derm, let alone had a breakout in three or four months.  What changed?! Sun?  Vacation?  Then I put two and two together.   Oil cleansing, as it turns out, wasn't a cure for an emergency breakout situation.. but rather prevented these emergencies from happening in the first place.


By this point, I had been giving my friends various concoctions to try.  Face oils were new to them too and to my surprise they raved about it and began opening up and sharing their own experiences.  Dark spots and remnants of acne scars were fading.  They were saying things like "addicted" and "need more" and feeling depressed after breaking, spilling, sharing or running out of their Cocokitty face oils.  I loved that they loved it and that it was helping them like it helped me.  So Cocokitty was born.

Cocokitty SkinPurrfect Face Oils

I wish I had known about the wonders of face oils years ago.  It would have saved me so much embarrassment and insecurity.  But now my wish is that by sharing my uncomfortable story, it leads others struggling with skin ailments to question conventional "wisdom" along their own unique skin journey in finding what works best for them. 

And now..  How to oil cleanse!  

Step 1:  

On dry skin, take a few drops of oil and massage it into your face in a circular, upward motion to dissolve grime, dirt and makeup.  Take your time with this. Massaging your face allows the oil to penetrate and seep into your pores in order to pull these toxins out.  If I'm wearing eye makeup, I make sure to gently massage enough oil to break up mascara so it melts away in the next step.


Cocokitty SkinPurrfect Face Oils for oil cleansing


There are SO many benefits to facial massages that make this new form of cleansing an insanely beneficial side effect to your beauty routine.  More on this later, but benefits include:  stimulates circulation, aids lymphatic drainage, flushes toxins, relief from sinus pressure, relaxes tense muscles that lead to lines and wrinkles, reduces puffiness and water retention.

Step 2:

Take a soft face cloth and run it under really warm water (I actually like mine borderline hot, but be careful it's not too hot that it burns you!).  Gently and thoroughly wipe your face, neck and eyes until you no longer see makeup or dirt coming off.  Repeat the process starting from step one if needed.

Some people find this is adequate enough for the oils to seep in and keep their skin hydrated overnight.  Others like to add a little extra oil on top or continue with other products in their skincare routine.  But in the simplest form, if you're rushed for time or need to remove your makeup quickly before bed.. this is the one and done cleansing moisturizing combo for you.

Keep. It. Simple.  

Wishing you the best along your purrfect skin journey.  




Cocokitty SkinPurrfect face oil all-natural multipurpose skincare for hair